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White Grub Control

Larvae of the Japanese Beetle and June Bug, the white grub worm can cause extensive damage to lawns throughout Central Ohio by feeding on the roots of grass.  Since the grass roots have been destroyed, the lawn will appear yellow in patches, just like the lawn is dying out. The damage looks quite similar to symptoms of dryness and many Columbus North, OH Weed Man customers mistakenly assume that the lawn needs only water to restore a lush, green appearance.  In reality, once the roots have been severed the lawn will often roll back like a carpet.

These subsurface pests can often go undetected, as the damage will not present itself until it is far too late.  This is why Weed Man Columbus North recommends a one-time treatment for our customers’ lawns.  Our preventative grub control stops the annual life cycle of the grub worm before it has the opportunity to cause any damage.  With this preventative application, Weed Man offers guaranteed protection against any and all grub damage for an entire year.  If grubs were to somehow break through our barrier, we would be the ones to come out and apply the more expensive, curative application, as well as repairing any and all damaged areas free of charge.

For more information read white grub worm, as well as  preventative/curative options for control.
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